We map the personal health space
We are a healthcare Internet of Things company. We understand the health of a patient in the context of their environment and generate actionable information and discoveries that improve health and reduce costs.

We provide actionable information and make discoveries that improve health and reduce costs

Actionable Information

We create IoT networks that collect data on health and the environment to provide actionable information for physicians, patients and individuals.

Make Discoveries

We analyse large data sets using machine learning and from this make new discoveries and generate IP of value to our customers.

Improve Health

Our digital healthcare system products help provide early detection to reduce disease exacerbation, and give information to patients and individuals to improve self management and motivation.

Reduce Costs

Our solutions help to reduce healthcare system costs by reducing visits to hospitals and clinics, improving the time efficiency of healthcare staff, and helping to improve staff productivity.

We work with a range of customers

Healthcare Providers

Pharmaceutical Companies


Government Agencies

Commercial Enterprises

Patients / Individuals

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Awards and Recognition

Tech Tour Growth 50 2017

Best Technical Development Within Energy Harvesting

Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation

Top 100 Sustainable Solutions

Technology Partner for 3 Electric Vehicle FIA World Land Speed Records (sub 999kg EV) & 4 outright British Land Speed Records